The 18th Congress of the International Council of Sheet Metal Presswork
Associations (ICOSPA) is taking place from 26 au 30 october 2014
in Strasbourg and Paris, France.

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ICOSPA 2013 48th ICOSPA Presidents Council Meeting

September 29 - October 2, 2013
Marseille, France (Marseille, European Cultural Capital of the Year)


September 2012
47th ICOSPA Presidents Council Meeting

Garmisch Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany
September 23 - 26, 2012

For the 47th ICOSPA (International Council of Sheet Metal Presswork Associations) Presidents Council meeting, all ICOSPA Association presidents and board members gathered in the beautiful Bavarian town of Garmisch Partenkirchen. This meeting was special as it was also the meeting in which the Chinese Association CCMI officially joined ICOSPA and the chair of the ICOSPA presidency was handed over by Dr. Gerhard Brüninghaus of the German association IBU, to Mr Eric Moleux, president of the French association GIMEF, his successor for the upcoming three years.

During the meeting not only worldwide economic and financial topics were discussed, but also the developments within the different markets in which the ICOSPA members operate. A special interest was the topic relating to future staff within the ICOSPA member companies. Training, education and arousing interest for a technical career within the sector are becoming more and more a problem. How to engage staff in future. Best practices from around the world were shared.

For the delegates of the Council meeting a very interesting visit to the high ranking supplier of solutions for the metal processing industry, especially for stamping precision parts, Bihler in Halblech at the foot of the Bavarian Alps was organized. Managing Director and owner Matthias Bihler received the group of delegates and gave a presentation on the latest developments and innovations within his successful company. The presentation was followed by a tour through the factory.   

The IBU Staff had done their utmost to offer all the participants and their spouses a very special program, combining Bavarian hospitality and excellent food not only with sports, like hiking in the Bavarian Alps, but also by visiting the famous highlights like the Castle of Neu Schwanstein. A mission in which they succeeded very well thus making the Presidents Council 2012 a big success.


2011 ICOSPA Congress

Excellent ICOSPA Congress a Aachen, Germany 18 – 21 September 2011 

For the ICOSPA Congress 2011 more than 200 executive managers and owners of component parts, assemblies and end-product manufacturing companies from Germany, France, Japan, China, United Kingdom, USA, The Netherlands, and many other countries gathered to gain an understanding of the business issues, technology developments and management practices affecting our global metalforming industries.

For three days an intensive program of management topics, interesting company visits and a lively informal evening program was organized by the German and Dutch associations IBU and NEVAT. The conference program on the first conference day in the morning addressed general worldwide economic developments relating to questions on finance and economic development and emerging markets. Key note speaker Jürgen Thumann, president of Business Europe pointed out the worldwide shift in industrial production and how the markets and sectors should react. His introduction was further underlined by speakers of Thyssen Krupp world wide operating steel company and Oliver Wymann. In the afternoon companies in the metal stamping and processing sector we visited.

The second conference day technical developments were addressed with themes as optimizing production and introducing innovative techniques (both organizational as technical) within the sector. Among the speakers were representatives of Fraunhofer IFF, Trumpf, Schuler  and Progress Werk Oberkirch. The afternoon again was reserved for visiting companies in the sector in Germany as well as the Netherlands and Belgium.

The third conference day developments in the markets in which the ICOSPA member companies are active were highlighted. With key note speakers of Philips Lighting, ZF Friedrichshafen, Porsche Consulting and Cardiff University. The afternoon was reserved for all the participants to visit the high ranking Technical University of Aachen (WZL) where a tour along all the innovative research and test facilities was organized. The visit underlined Aachen as being one of the world leading sites for University education in engineering.

A various informal program gave the participants a good impression of the medieval town of Aachen and its surroundings. But the social program also forged long lasting ties of friendship among the participants, some of whom came as strangers but left Aachen as good friends within the ICOSPA family for ever, thus keeping the metal forming sector in good shape.

The next ICOSPA congress will take part in France in 2014. Date and venue to be announced.     


September 2010

45th ICOSPA Presidents Council Meeting

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
September 19-21, 2010

Association presidents and leaders from their member companies gathered for the 45th ICOSPA (International Council of Sheet Metal Presswork Associations) Presidents Council meeting.  Chaired by the new ICOSPA president Mr. Gerhard Brüninghaus of the German IBU, the ICOSPA meeting took place in the beautiful surroundings of Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands.

After the meeting the delegates visited the Dutch company voestalpine Polynorm Automotive in Bunschoten. They received a warm welcome of Mr. Hans Vorstenbosch, managing director, who held a presentation and a tour through the plant.

The organizers combined business with pleasure by offering the delegates a taste of The Netherlands in all its aspects and added a Royal touch to the programme during a visit to The Hague on the occasion of “Prinsjesdag”, the Royal Opening of the Dutch parliamentary year.





September 2009

International Leaders Gather in Boston

icospaAssociation presidents and leaders from their member companies gathered in Boston, Massachusetts 3-5 October 2009 for the 44th International Council of Sheet Metal Presswork Associations (ICOSPA) Presidents Council meeting.  ICOSPA comprises metalforming trade associations from France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States.
The meeting included reports from each association, discussions on the impact of the manufacturing recession and survival strategies, and special presentations from Les Payne and Romeo Gomez, metalforming association representatives from Canada and Mexico.  This meeting marked the final event chaired by PMA member Bruce Walker, Walker Corporation, who served as ICOSPA president from 2007-2009.  PMA and ICOSPA thank Bruce for his outstanding leadership during the past three years.  The meeting concluded with the election of a new president, Dr. Gerhard Brüninghaus of Brüninghaus & Drissner GmbH, Hilden Germany, who will serve as President from 2010-2012.  Mandy Basel, PMA’s executive and international networking manager, was elected to continue serving as ICOSPA secretary general.

Networking dinners and sightseeing tours rounded out the event, and preliminary information on the 2011 ICOSPA Congress also was reviewed.  Germany and the Netherlands will host the next international Congress, 18-21 September 2011 in Aachen, Germany. Watch Aachen video on YouTube. View 2011 Congress website.

September 2008

ICOSPA Congress a Big Success


Metalforming manufacturers from around the world gathered in Grand Rapids, MI, on September 14-17 for the 16th International Council of Sheet Metal Presswork Associations (ICOSPA) Congress.  Three hundred metalforming industry executives attended the successful event to discuss key industry business issues, review new technologies and share industry-specific management practices.

ICOSPA comprises metalforming trade associations from England, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands and the United States.  Its international Congress takes place every three years, hosted and organized on a rotating basis by one of its six member organizations.  Held in the United States for the first time since 1993, the 2008 Congress was hosted by PMA.

Highlights of the Congress included well-known keynote speakers, reports from the six ICOSPA countries and plant tours of worldclass metalforming facilities, all of which revolved around the theme of the 2008 Congress—“Shaping the world of metalforming—connecting ideas, best practices and people.”  A number of social events were held as well to optimize networking, including a special reception for next-generation leaders. 

The keynote speakers were:

  • John Snow, chairman/CEO of Cerberus Capital Management and former U.S. Treasury Secretary, and Jack Perkowski, chairman/CEO of ASIMCO (author of Managing the Dragon, How I’m Building a Billion-Dollar Business in China), who discussed the impact of world economics on the metalforming industry. 
  • Brian Krinock, vice president, production engineering for Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc., and Fred Keller, chairman/CEO of Cascade Engineering, who reviewed the world market of metalforming—products, devices and beyond. 
  • James Hackett, chairman/CEO of Steelcase Corp., and John Kennedy, chairman/CEO of Autocam Corp., who conducted presentations highlighting the latest innovations in metalforming.

Also during the Congress, the six ICOSPA countries reported on key issues faced by the metalforming industry in their nations.  Topics included best practices for supplying to the automotive industry; technical innovation in sheet metal forming; development of high-tensile-strength steel-processing techniques; professionalizing purchasing within subcontracting industries; metalforming and the environment; and recruiting, training and apprenticeships.
Participants also enjoyed plant tours of eight local worldclass manufacturing companies: Trans-Matic Mfg. Co., Haworth Inc., GHSP, Shape Corp., GR Spring and Stamping, Irwin Seating Co., Pridgeon and Clay, and Steelcase Inc. 

Thanks to the ICOSPA Congress Steering Committee for planning an outstanding event!

Chair: Bruce Walker, Walker Corp.
Kent Bank, Minneapolis Washer & Stamping, Inc.
Jeff Clark, Waukesha Tool & Stamping, LLC
Bob Clay, Pridgeon & Clay, Inc.
Fathi El-Farghali, SEYI Presses
Jody Fledderman, Batesville Tool & Die
Brian Gillespie, Plexus Systems, Inc.
Tim Gleason, IMS Olson LLC
Ralph Hardt, Feintool Cincinnati, Inc.
Cindy Keat, The Su-Dan Corp.
Dennis Keat, The Su-Dan Corp.
Nels Leutwiler, Parkview Metal Products
Leo Martin, Blow Press
Mike Mehwald, Atlantic Tool & Die Co.
Chip Michaelsen, ODM Tool & Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Bernie Rosselli, Stewart EFI, LLC
P.J. Thompson, Trans-Matic Manufacturing Co.
Jim Zawacki, GR Spring & Stamping, Inc.

October 2007

42nd ICOSPA Presidents Council Meeting

Monterey, California, USA
October 7-9, 2007

Members from France, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, Netherlands and the United States gathered in Monterey, California for the 42nd ICOSPA Presidents Council meeting (Attendance List).

The meeting was very productive and informative (Agenda), and had numerous group networking and social events (Schedule) (Spouse event) to relax with friends and share experiences with colleagues from around the world. Future activities of ICOSPA were discussed and great effort will be put forth to reinvigorate the group’s activities. Delegates will continue to share economic and materials information on a quarterly basis to help identify and analyze global manufacturing trends. Each country gave an update on economic conditions and a summary of its association’s activities over the last year.  Details and plans for next year’s ICOSPA Congress were discussed and will prove to be a not-to-be-missed, worldclass event with an expected attendance of 400 people from around the world.  Please click for more information on the Congress.

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October 2007

PMA’s Annual Meeting Provides Outstanding Forum for Educational Sessions and Networking Opportunities

At the conclusion of the Presidents Council meeting, members from four ICOSPA-member countries travelled from California to beautiful Tucson, Arizona, USA, for PMA’s 2007 Annual Meeting, October 11-13, 2007 (, to continue sharing experiences and learning from fellow manufacturers

from around the world.  Attendees also heard from excellent speakers on topics that affect us all in the global metalforming industry, and had numerous opportunities to relax at group social events.

» Read PMA Update article

October 2006

41st ICOSPA Presidents Council Meeting

Kobe, Japan
October 16-18, 2006

Delegates from the UK, Germany, France, Japan and the United States gathered in Kobe, Japan in October for the International Council of Sheet Metal Presswork Associations (ICOSPA) 41st Presidents Council meeting. This is the third year the Japanese Metal Stamping Association (JMSA) has hosted the ICOSPA event. Bruce Walker of Walker Corporation was elected the new ICOSPA president and will serve through 2009. Mandy Basel, PMA’s executive and international networking manager, was elected ICOSPA secretary general at last year’s meeting held in Tokyo and Nagoya, Japan. Bruce Walker thanked outgoing Immediate Past President, Kent Bank, Minneapolis Washer & Stamping, who has served as such since 1994.

During the meeting, each country gave a report of the current economic situation and primary association activities in the last year. The 25 attendees also discussed future ICOSPA activities, next year’s President Council meeting to be held in California and preliminary plans for the 2008 ICOSPA Congress to be held in Grand Rapids, MI, on September 14-17, 2008.

Kobe at night

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September 2006

Grand Rapids Selected as Site for ICOSPA 2008 Congress

The PMA 2008 International Council of Sheet Metal Presswork Associations (ICOSPA) Congress Steering Committee is making plans for the 16th International Congress on Sheet Metal Work, to be held in Grand Rapids, MI, in the fall of 2008. The largest ICOSPA event is the International Congress, held every three years. It is hosted and organized on a rotating basis by one of the member associations. PMA is hosting it in 2008, and at the recent board meeting in Philadelphia, the board voted unanimously to hold the Congress in Grand Rapids, MI.

The primary focus of the ICOSPA International Congress is to establish a greater understanding of international business issues and practices, technology development, safety and management practices affecting the metalforming industry. Typical attendance includes some 200 to 400 delegates and spouces from more than 10 countries. Three subcommittees have been named to research and determine details for the Congress: a Venue/Program/Budget Committee, a Plant Tours Committee and a Marketing Committee.

The Steering Committee is chaired by Bruce Walker, Walker Corp., and consists of Kent Bank, Minneapolis Washer & Stamping, Inc.; Jeff Clark, Waukesha Tool & Stamping Inc.; Bob Clay, Pridgeon and Clay, Inc.; Fathi El-Farghali, Seyi Presses; Jody Fledderman, Batesville Tool & Die; Brian Gillespie, Plexus Systems, Inc.; Tim Gleason, Olson International Ltd.; Ralph Hardt, Feintool Cincinnati, Inc.; Cindy Keat, The Su-Dan Corporation; Dennis Keat, The Su-Dan Corporation; Nels Leutwiler, Parkview Metal Products; Leo Martin, Blow Press; Mike Mehwald, Atlantic Tool & Die Co.; Chip Michaelsen, ODM Tool & Manufacturing Co., Inc.; Bernie Rosselli, Stewart EFI, LLC; P.J. Thompson, Trans-Matic Manufacturing Co.; and Jim Zawacki, GR Spring & Stamping, Inc.

Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

March 2006

Committee Working to Serve Members' International Business Interests

Chaired by Bruce Walker of Walker Corporation, PMA's International/ICOSPA Committee assesses the international interests of PMA members in order to determine trends and offer international business opportunities.

One of the committee's roles is to lead PMA's involvement in the International Council of Sheet Metal Presswork Associations (ICOSPA) Congress, which is held every three years to establish a greater understanding of business issues and practices, technology development, safety issues and management practices affecting the metalforming industry. Last fall more than 20 PMA members joined 300 delegates from nine countries in Japan for the 15th ICOSPA Congress. The event consisted of stimulating business sessions and plant tours as well as memorable social events. Plans are underway for PMA to host the 16th ICOSPA Congress in 2008.

November 2005

Summary of the 15th International Congress on Sheet Metal Work

Over 300 delegates from nine countries gathered in Japan October 30-November 2, 2005, for the 15th International Congress on Sheet Metal Work. Japan proved to be most excellent hosts by planning and executing rewarding and stimulating business sessions and plant tours as well as arranging wonderful social events and a memorable spouse program. More...

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